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Discover 5 golden rules to becoming the Pack Leader, when applied consistently, will remove as much as 95% of the problems you are experiencing with your dog!

This resource guide being used by world's top dog trainers everyday. It delivers incredible results, often in just minutes, using no harsh methods at all. It depicts:

  • Become The Pack Leader
  • Reading The Situation (Tool: The Energy Meter)
  • The Power Of Calm Energy (Tool: The Calm Freeze)
  • Success Starts At Home (Tool: Time Out)
  • Control The Environment (Tools: The Long Line & The Short Line)

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Have been working on the Golden Rules for 3 months now and the initial, remarkable difference in my dogs behavior has been sustained. Issues are now only over enthusiastic visitors, so now iI need to continue training them! Jess is not super friendly, but she no longer rushes at people on their arrival and given her space and ignored, she is nearly perfect, wow! Thanks Dan.

Allson Lelgh Allson Lelgh