Overview: Outstanding product, exceptional value for money:

This product The Online Dog Training video internet site is a first class product. The content is excellent compared with various other sites which have far less videos as well as the real training details in the video clips is awesome. Because the website has been around since 2009 some of the video clips are not High Definition nevertheless these are all being changed with HD ones. This is a quite live site with new video footage being included frequently. Right here is my evaluation of the crucial attributes inside this website.


The endorsement of The Online Dog Trainer internet site by the nationwide SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of New Zealand is worthy of a mention. The home web page of the SPCA of New Zealand also has a web link to this site advertising it to brand-new pet owners and also people who have actually adopted a brand-new young puppy.

Every topic covered with over 250 video clips

Compared with nearly all other websites on the internet The Online Dog Trainer has significantly more content. Definitely at this cost. An average video generated by a canine instructor of this standard is generally around $35 for an hour footage. Inside the online dog trainer there is around 20 hrs of video footage. This means that every little thing you could possibly want is all included in the price. As mentioned earlier some of the video footage is not High Definition however the high quality of the advice is outstanding which I think is even more important.

Videos of genuine consultations

A quite satisfying aspect of this website is using video footage from Doggy Dan’s real-time consultations. In contrast to numerous various other websites where the training video clips only reveal command job and also concept and also show hardly any real footage of significant behavior problems The Online Dog Trainer is extremely different. Several of the pet dogs that are filmed are accurately not very easy to handle as well as remain in severe demand of help.

Video clip is the response

The inquiry of whether a pet dog training e-book could compare with video is something that has actually commonly been elevated. The response in my opinion is that it could not. Watching a skilled dog trainer carefully explaining why a pet dog is so stressed out and afterwards viewing the pet modification is something that words cannot explain. What I additionally such as concerning these videos is that they are not edited excessively to make sure that you could actually see the assessment unraveling as well as exactly how the outcomes were reached. This consists of all the body movement of both the canine and also the trainer. This is something that you simply can’t grab from checking out words on a display.

Mild approach and also techniques

There are several canine training styles currently used by instructors and also they differ substantially. The approach utilized by Doggy Dan inside The Online Dog Trainer seems really calm and also mild nevertheless it is also really efficient. Several pet training websites on the market approaches are at either still using quite old style hostile methods that are aiming to frighten canines right into behaving. Others focus excessive on deals with and benefit to the level that nothing works unless you have a pocket packed with cheese. Dog Dan’s understanding of how you can end up being the pack leader establishes points to make sure that any kind of training does not require fear or aggression as well as really little cheese.

Puppy training

Inside the video clip web site Doggy Dan has videos the raising of his 8 week old puppy Moses. This is a quite impressive task of an SPCA Border Collie X Labrador that enables you to view a young pet dogs advancement right into an outstanding pet dog. Moses is currently fast coming close to 1 years of age and also brand-new videos of his growth are being put all the time. Compared with other canine training sites this is about as excellent as it obtains. All the command training, and resolving of every pup trouble is additionally included. Complete marks for this section.

The Forum

I am specifically amazed with the Forum where Doggy Dan is still answering all the concerns directly. The difference between somebody that has really trained hundreds of pets and also an assistant is significant. It is clear from the answers in the forum that Dan takes genuine like guarantee that pet dogs and owners are offered the most effective experience and also insight every single time.

Audio files

Audio files are consisted of in this site in critical areas. These audios match the video clips effectively. Besides not everything needs to be viewed, as a matter of fact I located it a revitalizing change to website as well as listen to a 45 minute audio regarding coming to be the pack leader having actually already watched a video clip. The audios are optional since the core lessons are provided in punchy and clear videos. They are a beneficial reward for those people that actually desire to obtain the optimum out of the course.


I have actually constantly been quite suspicious of endorsements that could be changed, modified, and created by any person. Without a time stamp it is also really most likely that most of them were developed at the same time many years ago. With several of the pet training items being sold currently this looks the means. The Online Dog Trainer is very different. Using 3rd party software application, end users post their remarks and also endorsements right onto the website to make sure that no one other than the individual uploading can modify them. The testimonies that you read are frequently only days old and are written by actual people who like the website. These are in lots of ways the genuine testimonials! They are composed by individuals like you, entirely independent, who are currently utilizing the website. Their testimonies and results promote themselves.

Dog Dan

Couple of pet training websites has such a charismatic individual with a lot experience as The Online Dog Trainer. His energy as well as clear love of the pets stumbles upon in all the videos which really makes a distinction. Watching a trainer whom the pet dogs accurately bond with and also whom they appreciate is testament to Doggy Dan’s mild as well as effective method. Unlike several dog trainers who focus on making use of deals with and also fear based techniques to obtain the dogs respond, this method seems to focuses on first recognizing the pets and also winning their depend on.

Dog behavioral problems

Throughout the website Doggy Dan urges puppy as well as dog owners to deal with the cause of the issues instead of simply the signs and symptoms. This approach fixes the underlying issues and avoids additional troubles taking place later. To attain this, owners are assisted through an area called “Become the pack leader” utilizing Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules. As soon as this has been established customer are motivated to visit any sort of area as well as watch the ideal training for their canine’s particular problem. This strategy seems to be much more sensible compared to lots of other ones which typically really feel more like experimentation. A clear description in the videos of why the problem already exists and then why the training will fix the issue leaves you with a real understanding as well as feeling of hope!

Here’s a list of some of just a few of the videos that deal with specific canine troubles:

– Dog Aggression
– People Aggression
– Aggression Towards Animals
– Aggression Towards Objects
– Barking On The Walk
– Barking For Attention
– Barking Around The Property
– Barking In The Car
– Barking When Left
– Barking At The Door
– Dogs Running Away
– Separation Anxiety
– Hyperactivity
– Jumping Up
– Jumping on Furniture
– Pulling On The Leash
– Not Coming When Called
– Fears and also Phobias
– Obsessions

Awesome $1 Trial

The Online Dog Trainer entire site consisting of 250 videos, audios as well as notes can be accessed presently for a $1 trial that last for 3 days. This is an exceptional deal as well as really leaves the question what a lot more can you desire. If after the 3 day test you preferred to cancel you are billed just the $1.

Efficiently this is a shot before you buy feature. A very charitable offer without a doubt and something that few various other sites offer.

What it costs

Once you’ve decided to remain on after the 3 day trial, you pay $37 monthly. I feel that the $37 a month is worth every cent as you truly are obtaining a fantastic option. Some products might be a couple of dollars much less however numerous of them will only leave you feeling a lot more shed and confused. Lots of various other canine training items are good at assisting you educate some commands however they will not assist you obtain those unwanted behaviors controlled as they are just treating the signs and symptoms. With The Online Dog Trainer you reach absolutely recognize your dog which resolves basically any type of canine behavior problems.

I have actually also done a little research as well as uncovered that a good canine instructor finishing a home check out will certainly costs around ordinary $300. And that just covers a couple of hours. With The Online Dog Trainer, you get Doggy Dan with his tried and tested technique that works (merely look into his rave reviews on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DogTrainerDoggyDan/app_200634850084912), in your house whenever you need him.

Money back guarantee

You have nothing to lose… The Online Dog Trainer provides a 60 day cash back guarantee providing complete confidence in your purchase.

Final thoughts

This astonishing source is endorsed by a nationwide SPCA, has over 250 videos, with Doggy Dan himself in the forum. Put Project Moses from 8 weeks old, the complete section on becoming the pack leader, a no anxiety or aggression method utilized, as well as every behavioral concern covered off, and also you have a one-stop, full pet training remedy that’s offered 24/7, on your computer system or any cell phone.

My viewpoint is that is the finest product as well as the very best value canine training on the marketplace as well as I fully recommend it.